Training Fund Started!

Training Fund Started!

Several dogs at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter need your help! They need training so they can learn some manners. Good manners make them more adoptable!

Most of them need basic training like not jumping, “sit”, “stay”, and “down”…but a few need more extensive training through a Board and Train program.

Roxy is one of the shelter dogs on the top of the list for Board and Train. She is a high energy dog who gets over excited when getting out of the kennel. She jumps, bites and pulls on the leash. It has become so hard for staff and volunteers to take her out that she has been labeled “hard to handle” and she now gets even less exercise and attention. She desperately needs a Board and Train program to work with her on her kennel manners and walking on a leash or she might never find a home.


Please help Roxy, and other dogs like Roxy, get the training they deserve. It makes a FOREVER home possible for a dog that would otherwise stay in the shelter waiting, get returned after adoption, or worse, get euthanized because of behavior that can be changed.

All donations are tax deductible and any amount is appreciated. Thank You!

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