Maxwell’s (Physical) Recovery

Maxwell’s (Physical) Recovery

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, shall they be saved.”
-Jane Goodall

**Warning: The photos attached to this post are graphic**

The journey down Maxwell’s path has been difficult, but he has not let that crush his spirit. One look into his sweet, brown eyes, and you can tell that he has a greater purpose!

Last month, he was found alone and unresponsive in a hotel room in Austin. Pflugerville Pets Alive welcomed him back into our program 2 days ago after a short stay with our friends at Austin Animal Center.PicMonkeyCollage

When Maxwell arrived at Austin Animal Center, he was given a blood transfusion, IV fluids, and evaluated by their veterinary staff. His prognosis was guarded which means his chances for recovery were slim, but Maxwell pulled through. He made more and more progress everyday, and eventually, he was up walking, eating, a nd drThanks to the wonderful doctors at AAC, Maxwell walks out the doorinking water on his own! Maxwell’s progress from the day he arrived at AAC until Pflugerville Pets Alive brought him into our foster program can only be described as extraordinary, but he has much longer road to travel down before he is fully recovered physically.



On Tuesday, three of our wonderful animal advocates, took Maxwell to see Dr. Watson at Tech Ridge Pet Hospital! Dr. Watson spent over 2 hours with Maxwell and his human friends. He explained the treatment plan for Maxwell, his prognosis, and answered questions. Maxwell has several compression sores that developed into ulcers.

Tech Ridge Vet Hospital doing their stuff!
Tech Ridge Vet Hospital doing their stuff!

Due to the severity of his malnourishment, his bone was rubbing against his skin which is what caused the sores initially. Dr. Watson bandaged him with honey bandages, a common treatment used for burn victims and loaned him a bite free collar to prevent him from licking his ulcers. Pflugerville Pets Alive would like to recognize Dr. Watson and the staff at Tech Ridge Pet Hospital for their love, compassion, care, and donation of supplements and services.

Maxwell’s liver is not functioning ideally; he has a heart murmur. His red blood cell count has decreased since his last lab work up at Austin Animal Center. He is still under weight and eating puppy food to assist with weight gain until he reaches a healthy weight. Ideally, Maxwell needs to gain 30 pounds.

Long term, we are not sure what physical effect the malnourishment will have on Maxwell, but Maxwell is still a loving, sweet dog. He can’t meet a stranger! Maxwell wants cuddles and pets from every human he comes into contact with. His tail wags happily at the sight of a human, when he is petted, or when he goes outside! Truthfully, Maxwell cannot stop wagging his tail (and has happy tail to prove it)! Maxwell remains a happy dog. It seems unfathomable given all that Maxwell has gone through that he would still have trust and love for humans, but his soul is beautiful. He has an amazing will to live, and he has so much love to give! Maxwell is a dog with a greater purpose, and Pflugerville Pets Alive is committed to helping him recover physically and find the perfect family so that he can achieve that purpose! In order to do that for Maxwell, we need YOUR help.

How can you help Maxwell?
Monetary donations to our program are always appreciated. Maxwell’s treatment will be expensive! You can specify that you want your donation for Maxwell or any other animal in our program. Visit to donate.
Short term, Maxwell needs GRAIN FREE PUPPY FOOD for weight gain, RICE (cooked rice donations delivered to his temporary home so that she can mix it in with his puppy food), KONG WOBBAS, FLEECE HOODIES/SWEATERS, STANDARD PROCESS MULTIZYME, STANDARD PROCESS GASTREX, AND STANDARD PROCESS CONGAPLEX. (The supplements listed: Multizyme, Gastrex, and Congaplex are available for purchase through Tech Ridge Pet Hospital and aid Maxwell in establishing a solid digestive system.)  Check out Maxwell’s Recovery Wish List.  Use Amazon Smile and select Pflugerville Pets Alive as your charity and Amazon will donate based on your purchases.  Win-Win!

The hope for the future Maxwell
The hope for the future Maxwell

Adopt Maxwell! Incredible willpower? Unconditional Love? A zest for life? Maxwell is your dog. If you are interested in adopting Maxwell, Pflugerville Pets Alive will continue to be a support system for you as his forever family!
Help dogs like Maxwell by being an animal advocate! If you have compassion for animals like Maxwell, join Pflugerville Pets Alive in our effort to #savethemall. Be a volunteer, and be a voice for animals. Help stop cruelty and mistreatment.

Any questions or concerns about Maxwell should be directed to

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