Raven’s Story

Raven’s Story

In early November, a volunteer’s coworker sent out a message into their spam e-mail at work about a sweet dog that had been abandoned with him under the guise of dog sitting. This is a familiar story to many of us—a dog is abandoned with a coworker, friend, or family member, and that party takes on the great responsibility of re-homing the dog! When she heard about the situation, she wanted to help, and approached Pflugerville Pets Alive! about allowing this dog to be brought into our foster program so that we could help the couple re-home her to the best home possible.IMG_6086


Steph and Kim spent a couple of hours or so at the dog park with the couple. They could tell that they loved Raven, and they truly wanted the best home possible for her. They gave the couple some advice about crate training, puzzle toys, kongs, leash training methods, and recommendations for dry food. Pflugerville Pets Alive! arranged for a crate for Raven so that she could begin her crate training right away. Many people within our organization have faced hurdles with their personal dogs, rescues, or fosters, and as a result, Pflugerville Pets Alive! has a wealth of information from the personal experience of our volunteers.

IMG_6080We are happy to report that the couple implemented the advice that Steph and Kim provided, and as a result, they have decided to be Raven’s forever home! Pflugerville Pets Alive! will continue to offer them resources, information, and help in any way that we can.
Not only did Raven find a wonderful forever home, but Pflugerville Pets Alive! was able to help keep her out of an animal shelter simply by spending two hours of time with her and providing simple training tips and recommendations.

Pflugerville Pets Alive! is here as a community resource to help dog owners continue to keep pets that they love by offering them a variety of resources, but most importantly by listening and giving them some time!


Happy tails sweet girl.  Be good Raven!


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