We felt the love!!

We felt the love!!

Our THE ONE event happened last weekend at PetSmart. There were lots of pets looking for their forever families from different organizations. We had a great traffic of people stopping by and giving some love to our pets and getting info.

Great news from this weekend:

Bradley Cooper got adopted!


Daisy is with her family. Kerri says the little girl of the family told her “sorry you lose your dog but I’ll take good care of her”

Bonnie was adopted and has a cute little girl to take care of her and Charlie (Bonnie’s brother) was adopted by his foster. We pick them up from the shelter on Sunday and they went home right away…what a happy day for them!

Maxwell had a wonderful family that is very interested in him. They are going to talk about it and hopefully contact us to adopt him


Champ had a family that fell in love with him head over heels. They are hoping to come play with him on later today and make a decision then. Mom was concerned that someone would adopt him and that they would lose him by Tuesday.

Cross your fingers for Maxwell and Champ and hope that we get them to their forever families soon!!!

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