A Plea for Help!

A Plea for Help!

Barneigh is in desperate need of donations for hip surgeries, as well as a foster or forever home to recover from those surgeries. Barneigh (6 years old) has severe hip dysplasia and is constant pain. She needs two separate surgeries: 1 for each hip. If she does not have these surgeries, the vet is recommending euthanasia in order to ease her pain.


The Pflugerville Animal Shelter is beyond capacity and needs help. Barneigh’s procedures can not be scheduled until she has a foster home lined up. Both Barneigh and Champ have been neglected, and for the first time in their lives, they have a chance to be nurtured, loved and most importantly, saved. By you.

Barneigh’s medical costs are quite extensive. Your Tax deductible donation can help cover these costs and get her on the road to recovery, playing outside once again. Please be her champion and help donate, consider fostering and share her story.

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Thank you so much for your consideration.
For further information, please email:

Your donations helped Champ get a formal diagnosis and he does not need surgery after all! He is happy to hear the donations not needed for his diagnosis will help Barneigh, who is also having walking trouble. Unlike Champ, soon Barneigh will not be able to walk at all without surgery. If you do not want your donation to Champ’s fund to be used for Barneigh’s, please message us your donation information to begin the refund process. Read Barneigh’s story here.
Champ thanks all his donors and supporters for helping him get better
Champ’s Diagnosis
Dr. Runk confirmed Champ’s injury is an older fracture that did not heal properly since it was left to do so on its own. His first x-rays are dated 4/15 and she said it was 3-4 weeks old then. His second set, on 4/28, shows a definite improvement. Because he has healed so much, and probably developed significant scar tissue around it, the invasiveness of going in there to try fixing the extension that is not quite right would not be worth the complexity and discomfort. Additionally, Dr. Runk can not guarantee that it would result in any less discomfort than he is already in.

Champ has experienced significant pain. Dr. Runk touched his swollen elbow, full of fluid, and he did not enjoy it. When you see Champ put weight on his leg, it quivers. Dr. Runk says he needs to take it easy for a few weeks, though leash walks are still fine, and when the trembling begins to subside, we will know that he is getting stronger and feeling better.
ChampChamp does not need surgery, but still needs help recovering
Champ’s Future
This will be a problem leg (think an old football injury that acts up occasionally) for Champ throughout his life: his family may need to have an anti-inflammatory around for when it acts up, he might develop arthritis, and he may need to lose the leg if it keeps acting up and causing him pain. But, for now, he is young (est. 3 years), recovering rather well, and seems to have a great attitude about everything. He has been to 3 clinics in the past week and he is totally cool about it: no resistance, friendly with all these new people touching him and no trouble with the other pets there! That being said, it may be that he needs a home with laid-back dogs, if any, so that he does not end up aggravating his leg. His ideal family will be looking for a cuddly couch potato, and not an athlete ready for a marathon.

Thank you all for working together to help Champ and Barneigh. Both are still waiting for foster or fur-ever homes at:

Pflugerville Animal Shelter
1600 Waterbrook Dr.
Pflugerville, TX 78660
11am – 6pm Th-T

Pflugerville Shelter Adoption Application
Pflugerville Shelter Foster Application
Pflugerville Shelter Volunteer Application

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