In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Today started like any other Saturday at PPA, helping pets by working down a to do list, picking up shoes, dropping off shoes…with the exception of a phone call from a Round Rock vet’s office. They had a boxer/boxer mix puppy that was dropped off overnight at their building – who at first sight looked sick and sad.


We took action to suggest they call the Parvo Ward at Austin Pets Alive and were able to secure a spot for her in their Parvo ward as it seem to be her affliction. We were on edge worried we needed to get her help as fast as humanly possible so we rushed to the APA! facility. Unfortunately, we were two days too late, our baby boxer was diagnosed with Parvo as we had suspected and passed away in their hands.


As a rescue group this hurts so deeply, could we have done more? Did we act fast enough? How do we let people know we can help before it is too late? Was it something we missed? Could we have saved her if we left earlier? Could she had been saved at all? The questions go on and on… In reality, we did everything we could as fast as we could have done it. Yet, it feel like not enough, as we didn’t get to save her.


It hurts, it’s sad, it’s frustrating, it’s infuriating, it’s painful to know that another human being decided to abandon such young sweet soul when she needed love and care the most. It hurts our soul to know that sometimes we have loses like this one and at the end of the day we can only be grateful that whoever dropped her off was “kind” enough to do so at a veterinarian’s office and not on a deserted country road and we have to know that in her last few minutes in this world she was loved, she was cared for, she was someone’s whole world…we can only hope she really felt our love.


Good bye sweet baby girl, there is no more pain and sadness for you. May your sweet soul rest in peace.



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