Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

I’m sure most of us have seen the movie “Homeward Bound” where 2 dogs and a cat travelled many miles to find their way home back to their family.  It was a story of courage, strength and unconditional love. I hadn’t given much thought of this childhood movie until a similar story happened at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter.

Meet Daisy.  Just another dog right?  


“It’s me or the dog!” We have heard this saying time and time again when fido steals the Thanksgiving turkey or knocks down Grandma. Typically, the phrase is thrown out in anger and later recanted, but unfortunately there are situations where the animal is actually surrendered.  Daisy’s “dad” had her as an anxiety dog and loved her dearly.  Unfortunately the dad’s girlfriend won the debate and Daisy came to the shelter.  After only about a week at the shelter, Daisy was adopted!  YAY!

Daisy was reluctant to get into the new owners vehicles, so we just chalked it up to her just being weary of change. That night, Daisy escaped from her new owners.  An email and social media blasts went out to the volunteers to help share her pic and help locate her.  She was missing for 9 days.

Earlier this week, the original owner called the shelter saying that Daisy was at their house.  At first, the owner thought that the shelter had dumped her back off at his place but the shelter clarified that she was adopted and had escaped.  Daisy managed to travel 9 days across many, many miles and through our recent big thunderstorms to find her original owner.  The “dad” had just experienced an anxiety attack the day Daisy returned home and she was able to calm him.  The original owners and the new owners spoke and they all agreed to allow Daisy to stay with the original owners.  The girlfriend also realized the impact the dog and the man had on each other and came around to accepting Daisy as part of the family.

I am very pleased Daisy and “dad” found each other’s purpose. They obviously never wanted or needed to be apart. Not all stray dogs find their way home. Sadly, they escape for reasons we try to not imagine.

I think sometimes the greatest lessons in life come from unexpected sources. If you want a lesson in unconditional love, don’t look for a role model– simply look down, at your dog and cat.

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